Our Approach


We pair students with highly qualified, enthusiastic tutors who cater their tutoring to the child’s individual learning styles and needs. We believe that our focused tutoring is part of a team approach that helps students reach their learning goals.


We carefully match students with tutors who best meet their academic and scheduling needs, as well as learning personality. Tutors provide focused attention for students and adapt to their specific learning styles. 


We offer a complementary skills assessment for math and reading skills to help us identify students’ academic strengths and weaknesses before tutoring begins. This allows us to tailor our tutoring specifically to the child’s needs. We also offer opportunities for enrichment or remediation.         


We strongly believe that successful tutoring requires a team approach that includes tutor, classroom teacher, and family. We are always happy to coordinate our efforts with your child’s teacher and school so that we can have the best outcome for the student.

In Your Home ​

Tutoring sessions either take place in your home with an adult present or in a public place such as the Brentwood Library. This flexibility allows us to find a convenient study environment where your child is comfortable and able to focus.


Proven Curriculum

Our proprietary curriculum is constantly being updated to reflect the latest teaching standards. It has been proven through over 30 years of international use.



We guarantee that our tutoring will help your child’s grade improve by one grade level or ten percentage points after 35 hours of our tutoring, or we will give you 15 hours completely free.