The 1st marking period is already drawing to a close….

Are your child’s report card grades not as strong as you had hoped? Don’t wait too long to reach out for help!

The first step in helping your child to be successful this year is to accurately identify their skill levels. We can help parents to identify any underlying skill gaps and create a solution to fill them. This is the best way to answer the question: “WHY is my child struggling in a subject.”

We can also help students who are ahead of their game and challenge them to perform above grade level—in other words, we equip all students to reach their fullest potentials.

We’re primarily a group of highly qualified, certified educators. We use the most highly respected diagnostic skill evaluation in the world to identify a student’s skill levels. Just like a dentist wouldn’t treat your tooth without first doing a diagnostic x-ray, we need a diagnostic skill evaluation to accurately determine if a student has underlying issues or skill gaps. The innovative, adaptive technology in our testing yields results that are independently verified and extremely accurate.

How does our skill evaluation work? We simply email your child a link to take this evaluation online, right in your own home. It couldn’t be easier! We’re offering this test to families in our community at no charge and no obligation whatsoever. It’s an invaluable tool for parents to keep in their back pockets!

We can also offer your child homework help and a personally customized, proven curriculum that’s so effective, we guarantee results!


Call us at 484-467-9608 if you have any questions or concerns.

We’re always here to help!