ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING Provides In-Home and Virtual Math Tutoring for K-12 Graders

Many of us experienced a love-hate relationship with math in our own school years—we either loved numbers or loathed them! Even though it can feel overwhelming to grasp number concepts filling a page and colliding in our brains, math is one of those marvelous skills that we can’t do without in daily life.

Our attitudes toward math often come from the way it’s taught to us. In a classroom, a teacher typically instructs the whole class one way. Yet, students learn differently. At ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING, we discover how each child learns best—and that’s the way we teach him or her. When a concept clicks for a student…that’s when math becomes really exciting!

At ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING, we offer our students unique and effective approaches to math learning. For us, it’s not good enough to simply lead a student through one math problem after another, only to have the skills forgotten when he or she goes to school the next day. That’s why we use a unique approach to mastery learning. We utilize research-validated, brain-based strategies to facilitate learning and long-term retention. For example, sitting in a classroom, trying to soak in knowledge, a child’s brain is relatively passive. However, with our one-to-one math tutoring approach, students’ brains are actively engaged the entire lesson. Quite simply, our methods work.

First, our students take a comprehensive diagnostic skill assessment to identify their math skill levels. They take this math assessment in the comfortable, low-stress environment of their own homes.

Next, we meet with families in their homes for a free personal consultation to review the assessment results together and identify parents’ goals for their student.

After the parent consultation, we custom-create a personalized math curriculum that addresses the student’s skill gaps, as well as accelerates and challenges the student where his or her skills are strong. No two students have the same curriculum! Our programs combine remediation of skill gaps, assistance with current school assignments, and challenging acceleration for students with strong math skills.

Finally, we carefully pair each student with a perfectly matched tutor, considering both skill levels and personalities.

Math Tutoring Programs We Offer:

Arithmetic K-6

A comprehensive summary of all required, basic math skills; includes critical problem-solving skills; meets PA state standards.


Prepares students for success in Algebra 1.

Transition 8-9 Math

An accelerated, comprehensive, math review program that picks up any residual skill gaps from K-6 that could hinder a student’s success in Algebra 1.

  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry
  • Calculus/AP Calculus
  • SAT Math

To serve families with busy schedules, we provide flexible in-home tutoring, in addition to virtual and hybrid options. Contact us today to learn how your child can benefit from the support of a highly qualified, caring math tutor!