ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING Offers College Planning & Preparation for 9th-12th Graders 

We’re excited to be partnering with Jonathan Ekeland of Summit Guidance. Teaming up together, we offer 1-to-1 comprehensive, customized guidance for students and parents, plus free college-planning seminars for our community:

“Getting, Saving…and Losing Money for College!”

With a Master’s degree and over 25 years’ experience as a much-loved high school guidance counselor, Jonathan Ekeland has helped literally thousands of high schoolers and their parents negotiate the complexities of college planning, college selection, and college application. In addition, he reveals ways parents can save tens of thousands of dollars on a college education! Jonathan turns a daunting task into a simple, personal, and enjoyable journey. He covers virtually every area of college planning, from choosing the college that’s just right for your student, to step-by-step guidance through the process. Best of all, he doesn’t simply add to Mom and Dad’s To-Do List. In his uniquely entertaining way, Jonathan speaks directly to students in their own “teen-speak” language about their role in the college-planning process.

In addition to college-planning seminars, Jonathan offers families one-to-one, personal guidance sessions.

The step-by-step guidance from the experts at Above-Grade Tutoring walks students and parents through virtually every aspect of the college application process:

  • Selecting just the right college for your student
  • Saving tens of thousands of dollars on college tuition
  • Successfully navigating the complex college application process
  • 524’S, FAFSA’S, Expected Family Contributions, and more

“Improving Your College Readiness Skills!” (aka, “You’ll never say, ‘Gosh, I wish I didn’t know so much!’”)

With 17+ years’ experience preparing students for college, Pennsylvania and American Board Certified teacher, Karen Davis, helps parents ensure their student is academically prepared for the rigors of college. She keeps parents informed on how to best position their student for college success, how colleges view SATs, and much more. As students begin their college application process, Karen assists them in writing their all-important college application essays.

Above-Grade Tutoring offers your student:

  • Preparation to be academically competitive
  • Targeted tutoring
  • College application essay assistance
  • College prep writing clinics
  • SAT prep tutoring
  • Effective test-taking strategies

Here are the steps we’ll take to get your child extraordinary results – FAST!

Step 1

Comprehensive Diagnostic Skill Assessment

Students take a comprehensive diagnostic skill assessment to identify their academic readiness. The internationally acclaimed skill assessment, Let’s Go Learn, is taken in the comfort and convenience of the student’s own home.

Step 2

Personal Consultation

We meet with the student and his or her family in their home for a free personal consultation to review the assessment results and design a customized tutoring program.

Step 3

Personalized Curriculum

We custom-create a personalized curriculum that addresses each student’s specific needs and goals. No two students have the same curriculum! Our program combines three areas of academic achievement: remediation of skill gaps; assistance with current school assignments; and a boost ahead to challenge accelerated learners.

Step 4

Perfectly Matched Tutors

We carefully pair each student with a perfectly matched tutor, considering both academic needs and complementary personalities.

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