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“Eric is so amazing! He is extremely perceptive and so in-tune with our son…and is also able to keep our son motivated and engaged. Eric is an A++ SAT tutor and all around good person!”

E. A., High School parent

ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING offers the finest SAT Prep Programs you’ll find anywhere!

Comprehensive, Effective & Budget-Friendly

Customizable – Targeted Learning – 1-on-1 and Small Group Options –
In-person or Online

For students who are serious about “cracking the SAT code” and delivering their top SAT scores, Above-Grade Tutoring offers the finest SAT Prep program—at the lowest cost—you’ll find anywhere! Both 1-to-1 tutoring and energetic, small group bootcamps focus not only on building SAT skills, but also on mastering the SAT test-makers’ tricks and strategies!!!

  • Each student’s program is custom-designed to target his or her individual needs & fill skill gaps.
  • Our comprehensive programs include: SAT Math, SAT Reading Comprehension & Critical Reading Skills, SAT Grammar, SAT Vocabulary, and test-taking strategies. (SAT Essay Writing and College Prep Writing are additional programs offered.)
  • We offer practice, with analysis and feedback on actual SAT test questions.
  • We offer full-length practice tests.
  • We teach students valuable test-taking strategies that are guaranteed to raise scores—so they learn to think like the test-makers think and avoid the “traps” embedded in the exam!
  • We assist students with writing their all-important college application essays.

Most of us know that a college education is one of the two biggest investments most families make in a lifetime. But DID YOU KNOW
All the coveted National Merit Scholarship money is given away based on students’ PSAT exam scores? If free college scholarship money sounds appealing, consider preparing your student for the PSAT exam with our PSAT tutoring programs! Qualifying students can earn up to 100% full-tuition scholarships with strong PSAT scores!

Our Approach

We offer every student a highly detailed, diagnostic skill assessment. The Let’s Go Learn skill assessments are internationally acclaimed for detail and accuracy, with independently validated results. We offer this service to our students for $98 per assessment (or $149 for the full math/reading/critical thinking series). Students take the assessments online, in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. We review the results individually with each family and collaborate together on a tutoring program in a personal, 2-hour consultation, at no additional charge.

From the results of the skill evaluation, we create a customized learning plan for each student—one that targets the student’s unique goals and skill levels. Then, our highly qualified tutors come right to your doorstep, or other convenient location, with a mastery learning program that’s aligned to your student’s skill levels, the PA state Common Core standards, and the College Board standards.

Secret to success: The best way to achieve top scores on the SAT-PSAT-ACT exams…is to know the answers! Therefore, targeted tutoring is the most effective way to raise test scores!

“Replace Fear with Confidence” College admission is highly competitive these days, even for the most accomplished students. Taking college entrance exams like the SAT and PSAT is a tremendous stressor for any student. To be sure your student is as well-prepared as possible, prepare them with subject knowledge, test-taking strategies, and practice that will improve their confidence and maximize their scores. Workshops include: SAT Math, Critical Reading Comprehension, SAT Grammar, Latin Roots-based Vocabulary, and test-taking strategies.

Boot camp sizes will be limited to ensure personal attention. 1-on-1 SAT and PSAT exam prep is also available (fees may differ).

In addition to SAT, PSAT, and ACT exam prep, we offer AP and Keystone exam prep.