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Wouldn’t You Love a Rewarding Job?


If you excel academically, are patient, and are committed to helping students succeed, we’d love to hear from you! We’re an international in-home tutoring service that has been successfully tutoring students in grades K-12 for 30+ years. We provide 1-on-1 tutoring in students’ homes and other convenient locations throughout Chester County. We hire exceptional tutors on an ongoing basis for part-time, flexible hours. We offer our tutors training in best practices in education; curriculum and materials that are unmatched for excellence; an encouraging, challenging, & rewarding work environment; and above-average compensation.

Job Description

Tutors provide high-quality instruction, 1-on-1, in Chester County students’ homes or a public location. Tutors are paired carefully with students based on subject knowledge, level of instruction, and location.

  • Subject areas: Math (all levels); English Language Arts; Reading; Writing; Chemistry; Physics; Biology; Elementary & Secondary education; Special Education; SAT-ACT-AP exam prep; and occasional tutors needed for other subjects.


What We Provide

  • Training in effective teaching methods
  • Curriculum, lesson plans, & materials that are unmatched for excellence
  • An encouraging, supportive, & rewarding work environment
  • Flexible, reliable, part-time hours
  • Above-average compensation


An Ideal Candidate

  • An exceptional individual who can both reach and teach students, and who is dedicated, motivated, and responsible.


Desired Qualifications

  • Passion to help students succeed
  • Academic excellence in subject content
  • Minimum of some college credits
  • Enthusiastic demeanor, reliable & punctual work ethic
  • MUST live or work in Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • MUST have reliable transportation
  • Strong references
  • PA background clearances

We regret that, at this time, we can only hire applicants within Chester County.

Enthusiastic, local applicants are invited to contact us at:
(484) 467-9608 or


“Exceptional tutoring service. I had the pleasure of working for Above-Grade Tutoring for over a year and can’t say enough good things about them. I worked with a total of four separate students over that year and the curriculum plan was always personalized and catered to that particular student. That was such a welcome surprise. It’s far too common for other tutoring companies and even schools to utilize one curriculum map to cover a wide range of students. However, Above-Grade Tutoring refuses to use this “copy & paste” curriculum method. AGT sees the benefit in differentiation and understands that all students learn differently. This is why they will never place all students on the same linear path for the way they have to learn. They get to know the student first and plan that student’s curriculum accordingly. There really isn’t a better tutoring company in all of Chester county and even PA. I’m very grateful and benefited greatly from my time at AGT and recommend them to any and all struggling students!”

~ Alex F.

“It’s been such a pleasure working with Karen as a Tutor at Above-Grade Tutoring. She is an amazing supervisor and goes the extra mile to assure comfort, guidance, and any assistance needed. There have been times when I needed flexibility, and she was open to my needs. As for tutoring, I love it! The children I’ve been paired with have shown so much growth and determination about learning. Above-Grade Tutoring was the best opportunity I was given and to this day I am still enthusiastic about it. Working for the company has opened all sorts of doors for me. And for those that are applying for a position, the pay was great 🙂 . One thing for sure, Karen will always take care of you.”

~ Alexis H.

“I had the opportunity to work with Karen and AGT tutoring this past summer as well as a little bit over a year ago. Coming from the perspective of a professional tutor, I can truthfully say how caring and authentic Karen is as an individual and leader of AGT. She truly puts her heart and soul into her work and each of the clients she takes on. This was consistently evident to me in the vast and differentiated curriculum I always received as a tutor, in addition to the unique method given to me and followed by all my fellow tutors. Karen will stop at nothing to make sure your precious children, teens, and young adults succeed.

“If you know of anyone in the Chester County area that might be falling behind grade level in any subject or if you just want your student to be better prepared for what has become a cut-throat environment in higher education, I think you should heavily consider Karen and AGT.

“It is with fervent hopes that I will return to AGT after I receive my teaching certification and Master of Science in Education. I already miss it and warmly carry the memories created with my students through it.

“Two thumbs all the way up!”

~ Matthew M.

“Above-Grade Tutoring is an amazing service with excellent, professional staff. Definitely worth getting in touch with Karen if your student is struggling, preparing for SATs, or needs an extra challenge!”

~ Michelle B.

“I absolutely love being a tutor for Above Grade Tutoring! They have a structured curriculum for the students to follow, while still allowing tutors to use our own creative ideas for teaching.”

~ Nicole K.

“I’ve taught from grade school through graduate school, and Above-Grade Tutoring is the best tutoring company that I have known so far. The company has all the hallmarks of a perfect place for any student wanting to achieve academic excellence, regardless of his or her current challenges. The staff is very professional, with amazing tutors passionate to help students. Contact Karen Davis, you will be glad you did.”

~ Maxwell O.

“As a first-time tutor, I had nothing less than an excellent experience under the supervision of Chester County Director, Karen. Without her guidance and patience, I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my duties day-to-day. What’s so great about this company is that they work closely with the families to identify the students’ needs and the goals they want to achieve. Every student has an individualized lesson plan created personally for them. Above-Grade Tutoring provides all the materials to aid the tutor and student. They really care for their tutors and the development of their students. With daily check-ins and progress reports, the academic success of students is always in sight. Thank you, Above-Grade Tutoring and Karen, for giving me this opportunity to make a difference in a child’s academic career!”

~ Phoebe S.