ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING Utilizes Mastery Learning Techniques in Their Distinguished English Language Arts Reading and Writing Programs for K-College Students

Results Guaranteed!

The ability to communicate effectively is essential to your child’s future success. And it doesn’t have to be drudgery! At ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING of Chester County, we’re very proud of our talented team of ELA professionals who are dedicated to investing their time and talents into our students.

Our exceptionally strong writing program equips students for the rigors of college–and a professional world beyond–that will require them to communicate effectively. We target each student’s unique skill levels and goals with a customized ELA program that includes the following skills:


  • English: Grammar, Punctuation, and Mechanics
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing: Beginning through Advanced
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Foundational Skills: Spelling, Vocabulary, Phonics
  • Literature
  • SAT-ACT-AP exam tutoring
  • Small group writing workshops

Foundational Reading and Reading Comprehension Tutoring

The ability to read with proficiency is one of the most valuable life skills your child will ever learn. Reading impacts a student’s future success profoundly. It can either open—or close—doors of opportunity. Our goal is to inspire students to become successful, lifelong readers…and to enjoy it in the process!

At ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING of Chester County, we approach reading 3 ways:

  • We teach students foundational reading skills, giving them the tools to decipher unfamiliar words.
  • We teach students beginning through advanced strategies to understand what they read.
  • We teach students high-order, critical thinking skills to analyze and process what they read.

For below-grade-level readers, we offer a multisensory approach. For advanced readers, we challenge them with critical thinking skills that go beyond what they’re learning in many schools.

Writing Tutoring

Does your child avoid writing like the plague? Does he stare at a blank page for an hour, wrestling with “writer’s block?” Does she write five pages of run-on sentences, unable to organize her thoughts concisely?

We love working with students like these! We take both enthusiastic writers and reticent writers—and transform their writing. Young writers breathe a sigh of relief when they discover that basic writing skills can be learned—by just about anyone! We train our students to write with clarity and focus, using the 4-step writing process. For advanced students, we teach them advanced writing skills and secrets used by professional writers–like, how to write less but say more, and how to introduce elements of style that make their writing a pleasure to read.

The ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING proprietary curriculum instructs students in two basic types of writing: Academic Non-Fiction writing and Creative Fiction writing.

  • Academic writing: encompasses the basic categories of non-fiction writing that students are expected to master in their school careers
  • Creative writing: Introduces students to the delights of fiction writing— the gripping elements of character, plot, dialogue, pacing, and more. Far from being trivial, creative writing challenges students to think outside-the-box, equipping them with the ability to problem-solve creatively. These mental skills are in great demand in our workforce—yet they have been largely eliminated from schools’ curricula.

College Prep Writing

Whatever a student’s area of interest is, the ability to write well will undoubtedly play a significant role in his or her future success. So, whether your student is a math or science whiz, or an avid writer, he or she will absolutely benefit from ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING’s proven writing system that guarantees results.

ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING offers programs specifically designed for students participating in Advanced Placement or College Prep courses. Students in these advanced programs will benefit from our Advanced Essay Writing courses and writing workshops. We also assist high school students with writing those all-important college application essays.

ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING of Chester County’s English Language Arts tutoring programs address essential communication skills for students from Kindergarten through college–skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. With our personalized tutoring approach, we create a nurturing learning environment that boosts school performance and transforms students’ confidence.