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ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING is the most remarkable in-home tutoring service you’ll find anywhere. From our free comprehensive skill evaluation, to our $1.8 million proprietary curriculum, to our highly qualified tutors, your child will receive the best academic support that education has to offer. You will be amazed watching your child grow in confidence as he or she achieves skills they never dreamed possible.

Tutoring is provided in the comfort, safety, and convenience of your own home. No more driving your child to one more after-school activity. Your child’s carefully matched tutor comes right to your doorstep! What could be more convenient? Your child will receive 100% one-to-one attention, free from the distractions and pressures of classroom learning. Our in-home tutoring program is so effective that we can guarantee results!

ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING provides skill remediation and support to students who are struggling with their schoolwork, or are performing below grade level, or are simply not reaching their full potential. In addition, we offer challenging, in-home, enrichment learning to gifted and accelerated students.

If you or your child is growing anxious over looming SATs, PSATs, ACTs, or AP exams, ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING is here to help with our outstanding college exam prep curricula and authentic practice exams from the College Board. Using mastery learning techniques, we identify and target specific skill gaps, teach students the skills they’ll encounter on these advanced exams, and reveal proven test-taking strategies. After working with an Above-Grade tutor, students emerge with confidence that they are well-prepared with the tools to ace these important exams!

ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING’s in-home tutoring program begins with the very same diagnostic skill evaluation used by over 4 million students worldwide—so you can rest assured that you’re getting trusted, independently verified results. This skill evaluation is exceptionally detailed–identifying both skill gaps and areas of academic strength with a high degree of accuracy.

From the results of the skill evaluation, we create a unique, individualized learning plan for each student, using a $1.8 million curriculum that is second-to-none in education. Our curriculum is multi-sensory, reliable, and geared to mastery learning. No more “just getting by”—our students achieve subject mastery…and the confidence that goes with it!

We’re proud of the in-home tutoring services we provide to Chester County, PA, students. Call us today to schedule your student for a comprehensive skill evaluation and personal, in-home conference.

Programs offered include:

“ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING is the best tutoring company that I have encountered. The company has all the hallmarks of a perfect place for any student wanting to achieve academic excellence, regardless of his or her current challenges. The staff is very professional, with amazing tutors who are passionate to help students.”

~ M.O., West Chester

“Karen Davis is one of the finest teachers that I’ve seen in my 39 years as an educator.”

~ D.B., Teacher

“I’ve been meaning to reach out to you to tell you how well [our daughter] is doing in Spanish class. She has been excelling and feels confident with her studies and currently has a solid “A” in the class. Thank you again so much for finding the perfect tutor for her, it was a great fit!”

~ M.S. Chester Springs