Skill Assessment

What Makes Our Skill Assessments Unique?

The Let’s Go Learn diagnostic skill evaluations were developed by education experts and researchers and have been used by over 4 million students internationally since 2000.

Innovative and Accurate

These diagnostic skill evaluations differ from any other tests students take in school. Unlike school standardized tests and the “home-grown” skill tests other tutoring services create, the Let’s Go Learn diagnostic skill assessments utilize cutting-edge, adaptive, intuitive technology and are internationally recognized for detail and accuracy. With independently verified results, they ensure a high degree of validity. It’s no wonder they’ve been called “the golden egg” in educational testing! With this “golden tool” in our tool belts, we’re able to design each student’s program to specifically target his or her individual needs.

To minimize test-taking anxiety, students take the skill assessments online, in the comfort and low-stress environment of their own homes.

Comprehensive and Detailed

Depending on the student’s age, our skill assessments test students in hundreds of academic areas. These include: Reading, Reading Comprehension, Phonics, Vocabulary, Spelling, Critical Thinking, and grade-appropriate Math skills.

The BEST Part

We start with the assumption that every student is unique. The intuitive intelligence and adaptive technology built into our assessments identify that uniqueness! If a student is underperforming in a subject, we can usually pinpoint the underlying cause with a high degree of accuracy. We can also identify areas in which a student may be advanced—areas that often go unrecognized and underchallenged in classroom settings—and we accelerate students in those areas.

Based on the results of the skill evaluations—combined with our expertise and observations as we get to know your child—we create a completely customized tutoring program that specifically addresses your goals and your student’s needs.