Standardized Test Scores Impact Your Student’s Future!

ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING Offers AP Exam Prep and Keystone Exam Prep in Chester County, PA

Our test-prep tutoring programs are 100% personalized for each and every student!

It goes without saying that the best way for your student to maximize his or her test scores…is to know the answers! Therefore, our priority is teaching students the skills they’re likely to encounter on standardized tests.

We challenge students’ skills in math, reading comprehension, critical thinking and problem-solving, vocabulary, grammar, writing, graphing calculator usage, and test-taking strategies for AP and Keystone exams. And, of course, we give students lots of practice on actual test questions. As the familiar adage says, practice makes perfect. That’s the way successful students learn to think like the test-makers think and perform confidently on standardized exams!

Our test prep programs begin with a diagnostic skill assessment. To use a familiar analogy, you wouldn’t want a dentist to treat your child’s teeth without first taking a diagnostic x-ray. Similarly, we don’t “treat” our students’ academic needs without first administering a thorough, diagnostic skill assessment. This enables us to accurately identify problem areas and recommend the most effective test prep program and targeted tutoring plan for each and every student.

Our skill assessments, from Let’s Go Learn, are internationally recognized for detail and accuracy. They identify where your child’s academic strengths lie, and whether he or she has skill gaps that are likely to impact future success. Students take the skill assessments online, in the comfortable, low-stress environment of their own homes.

Next, we bring the results of your student’s skill assessment right to your home in a one-to-one conference. That’s the exciting part! Together with you, we create a 100% personalized test-prep plan that targets your child’s specific needs and goals. We incorporate a $1.8 million proprietary curriculum into the learning plan–a curriculum that’s aligned to the College Board standards (for older students) and the Pennsylvania state standards (for all students).

After that, a carefully selected and highly qualified tutor will offer you options for a convenient location for test-prep tutoring: the comfort of your own home, a convenient public location, or engaging, interactive virtual sessions.

Because our programs are 100% customized for each and every student, our pricing is customized as well. Nothing about our programs is cookie-cutter! We’re confident you will find our rates to be lower–and our quality higher–than any comparable tutoring service! We guarantee to provide students with the tools they’ll need to achieve their personal best on standardized tests—and beyond!

In addition to AP and Keystone Exam prep, we offer SAT, PSAT, and ACT test prep.