Our Mission

  • Our mission is to meet the varied educational needs of students Kindergarten-through-college-age in Chester County, and to be a support resource for parents.
  • Our vision is for the best and brightest talent of the next generation to emerge from Chester County, PA, and for our students to be equipped with the tools not only to achieve personal success, but also to impact our country’s future!
  • We’re dedicated to offering our community valuable educational services at the highest standard of honesty, integrity, and academic achievement.
  • We believe we share in the responsibility to equip students with the essential tools they will need to achieve success in school, in higher education, in the job market, and in life.
  • We believe we have the responsibility to model integrity and upstanding ethical values before our students.
  • While recognizing that students learn differently, at ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING, it is our conviction that all students can learn successfully, given the right tools and support. It’s our goal to discover how each student learns best, to challenge students in their areas of strength, and to help them overcome areas of weakness.
  • In short, we, as educators, have the responsibility and the privilege of both reaching and teaching students. Research and experience demonstrate that the most effective way to accomplish this is through personalized tutoring programs, one-to-one instruction with immediate feedback, and a high-quality, multi-sensory curriculum that incorporates the best practices in mastery learning. At ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING, we offer all this in a proprietary program that is second-to-none in the education field.
  • We at ABOVE-GRADE TUTORING are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potentials of academic success and offering them a unique opportunity to enjoy a successful future.