Benefits of Our Skill Level Evaluation

Convenient and engaging

Evaluations include interactive technology to engage all students and make testing fun. Testing can be conducted in any location, including your own home, where students are comfortable, relaxed, and able to focus.


Evaluations allow us to identify specific skills and areas of understanding where students demonstrate strengths and weaknesses. We then use these findings to help us customize a tutoring plan to focus on our students’ greatest needs.


We have evaluations to assess reading abilities for students of all ages, phonemic awareness for early readers, and math for a range of students – including K-7, pre-algebra, and algebra.


Assessments are specifically designed to be fully aligned with the state standards. Evaluation results are detailed and include road maps for remediation and instruction.


The reading and math assessments adapt to students as they respond to each question, getting harder or easier as needed to complete the diagnosis. Assessments continue until a student’s ceiling of performance is reached on each sub-skill. This allows us to obtain the maximum amount of information about a student, while minimizing test-taking time and anxiety.


Our evaluation tools were developed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and have been used by over 4 million students worldwide since 2000.

Free Skill Level Evaluations

We are happy to offer free skill level evaluations for our students to help identify strengths and weaknesses in students’ math and/or reading skills. These interactive assessments are taken online by students in their homes, designed by scientists at the University of California Berkeley, and are aligned with state standards. They can help us quickly pinpoint areas where students’ skills may need enrichment or remediation during tutoring.

Reading Comprehension

We measure eight sub-skills of reading, and for our youngest readers we also evaluate phonemic awareness skills.

Math (K-8)

We assess mathematical understanding to provide a comprehensive picture of strengths and weaknesses.

Pre-Algebra & Algebra 

We evaluate essential Pre-Algebra and Algebra constructs necessary for classroom success.